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Free Attitude

We Americans love our freedoms and rightfully so.  The liberties we enjoy are truly rare in world history.  However, every freedom we have can be taken away from us.  We can lose the freedom of religion.  We can lose the freedom of speech, and the freedom to peacefully assemble, for example. Yet, there is one […]

Third Way

Dear Leaders, are you struggling today with having to make a tough decision?  Here is a principle of life that might help you: there is a third way.  There is always a third way. We live in an “either, or” world.  We are forced to believe that we either have “this choice” or “that choice” […]


I want to ask you a question that was once asked of me.  The question (and my answer) has made all the difference in the world for my life and ministry.  Here’s the question: If money was not a concern and success was guaranteed, what would you do?  In other words, if you had all […]

The Difference

I want to share a life lesson with you today that could very well change your life.  It isn’t pleasant.  It is usually very challenging to do, and most likely will have a high cost in doing it.  However, I promise – better than that, I guarantee – that if you do this one thing […]

Change Agents

There are four agents of change, four catalysts that make change happen: Openness, Knowledge, Creativity, and Courage.  Anyone of these alone can make change possible.  All four working together can guarantee it. ​Without Openness, nothing changes. An open mind makes all things possible.  Because of Openness, the world is no longer flat.  Knowledge is also […]

Goodness Sake

Let’s talk about goodness today.  Have you ever been tempted by it?  Maybe you have never thought about it before.  Have you been tempted by goodness?  Have you succumbed to the deceitful lure of being good?  Please understand that being good can be bad, if being good is only for goodness sake.  Goodness can be […]


When thinking about the quality of good leadership we usually don’t think of impulse. Impulse is the instinct to jump before we look.  It is the irresistible urge to act.  In today’s calculating, rational world we want our leaders to have all the answers before making a decision, and we don’t want them to make […]

Reject Numbness

One of the great challenges of our time is not to become numb.  There is so much hurt, so much need, and so much conflict in the world today.  It is very easy to become indifferent to the pain and problems of others.  It is really easy to be overwhelmed by it all. To save […]


If you had to distill the secrets of leadership down to only one word, what do you think that one word would be?  What one word unlocks the power of leadership?  Is it charisma? Vision?  Commitment? Diligence?  While all of those are certainly important, I don’t think any of them are at the core of […]