To fully understand how to implement real and lasting change, we have to understand the
role that culture plays in the change process. Culture is key to change.

​If you desire lasting change in a system or organization, you must ultimately deal with
the culture of that system or organization.  It’s true for business and nonprofits.  It’s true for
churches and families.  It’s especially true for societies and nations.  Long lasting change only
happens when there’s significant cultural adjustment.  Why is that?

In a broad sociological sense, culture is a way of thinking for a particular group.  It’s a
way a certain group interprets how the world works, and what it means to be human in that
world.  It has been said that culture is the “soul of a society.”  It’s the inner spirit of a group or
organization.  It’s in the inward space of the soul that the outward places of the group or
organization experience real change.  Changing how the group thinks, changes their soul.

​Take Away: The soul of change is to change the soul.