Free Attitude

We Americans love our freedoms and rightfully so.  The liberties we enjoy are truly rare
in world history.  However, every freedom we have can be taken away from us.  We can lose the
freedom of religion.  We can lose the freedom of speech, and the freedom to peacefully
assemble, for example.

Yet, there is one freedom all people possess.  It doesn’t matter their age, or where they
live, or what kind of government they have.  Every tribe and nation around the globe have one
special freedom that cannot be taken away by anyone, at any time, or under any circumstance.
This freedom does not exist in any constitution or bill of rights.

It is the right to choose your attitude. Psychologist Victor Frankel, who survived the
horrors and depravity of a Nazi death camp, wrote in his classic book, Man’s Search for
Meaning,“the last of our human freedoms is to choose our attitude in any given circumstance.”
Never, ever, let anyone determine your attitude but you.

Take Away:  When it comes to attitude, everyone is pro-choice.