Third Way

Dear Leaders, are you struggling today with having to make a tough decision?  Here is a
principle of life that might help you: there is a third way.  There is always a third way.

We live in an “either, or” world.  We are forced to believe that we either have “this
choice” or “that choice” to make.  This restricted, narrow way of thinking often forces us to
make bad decisions based on limited options.  Yet, there is third choice.  However, you will not
see that third choice, you will not see that third way, until you firmly believe that the world has
more “and” than “or.”

If you believe there are only two options you simply won’t look for any more.  But there
is more.  There’s always a third way.  It takes creativity and sometimes a great deal of courage,
to go against the two established options, but I promise you there is a third way.  You just have
to look for it.  Trust me.  It’s there.

Take Away: Don’t think inside or outside the box.  Think without the box.