The Difference

I want to share a life lesson with you today that could very well change your life.  It
isn’t pleasant.  It is usually very challenging to do, and most likely will have a high cost in
doing it.  However, I promise – better than that, I guarantee – that if you do this one thing on a
regular basis it will quickly separate you from the crowd and mark you as a leader.

Here it is: take responsibility for your decisions and your actions.  It is as simple as that,
and as difficult as that.  Take responsibility for your decisions and your actions.  Don’t play the
blame game.  Nobody wins playing that silly game. Take responsibility.

I know that it’s the opposite of our nature.  However, I also know from personal
experience that when you learn this life lesson it will make all the difference.  The three
hardest things to say are: “I did it.”  “It was a mistake.”  “I’m sorry.”  But, saying them has
lasting leadership rewards.

​Take Away: Lead responsibly.