Goodness Sake

Let’s talk about goodness today.  Have you ever been tempted by it?  Maybe you have
never thought about it before.  Have you been tempted by goodness?  Have you succumbed to
the deceitful lure of being good?  Please understand that being good can be bad, if being good
is only for goodness sake.  Goodness can be bad for at least three good reasons.

First – Goodness is bad when goodness evades greatness.  Sometimes we are tempted to
settle for doing good when we could be doing something really great.  Good enough is rarely
good enough.

Second – Goodness is bad when goodness avoids service.  The world’s problems are
very messy and unpleasant things.  Sometimes our desire for goodness keeps us from diving in
and fixing these nasty realities.

Third – Goodness is bad when goodness shuns people.  When good people cluster
together in their shared goodness, those who aren’t so good remain blind to their own needs,
but they can clearly see the hypocrisy of those who claim to be good.

​Take Away: Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.