When thinking about the quality of good leadership we usually don’t think of impulse.
Impulse is the instinct to jump before we look.  It is the irresistible urge to act.  In today’s
calculating, rational world we want our leaders to have all the answers before making a
decision, and we don’t want them to make any mistakes.  Those who do act on impulse often
get it wrong.

However, I think that’s exactly why we don’t have very many good leaders anymore.  It
is the fear of acting without all the answers, of making mistakes that keeps good people from
becoming leaders.  It’s the fear of getting it wrong that paralyzes true leadership.

I believe in “blessed impulse” – the ability to blindly move forward because your gut
instinct says it’s the right direction, it’s a good thing to do.  Another word for blessed impulse
is faith.  I think we would all agree that we could certainly use some leaders with a bit more of
that these days.

​Take Away: Without faith it is impossible.