Reject Numbness

One of the great challenges of our time is not to become numb.  There is so much hurt,
so much need, and so much conflict in the world today.  It is very easy to become indifferent to
the pain and problems of others.  It is really easy to be overwhelmed by it all.

To save ourselves from emotional overload, we often hide it from our eyes.  We deny
the harshness of it, or we justify our inaction by reminding ourselves that there is really little
we can do about it.

Nonetheless, we can’t hide it.  We can’t deny it.  And, we can do something about it.
But first we must refuse to be numbed by it all.  We must resist indifference.  Fight it!  Don’t
be afraid.  God will grant you the power to overcome it.  The most important things to know
and feel in this world are things we need divine strength to comprehend and overcome.  Pray
for strength.  Then open your eyes and get to work.

​Take Away: The leader must develop a stomach for the journe