If you had to distill the secrets of leadership down to only one word, what do you think
that one word would be?  What one word unlocks the power of leadership?  Is it charisma?
Vision?  Commitment? Diligence?  While all of those are certainly important, I don’t think
any of them are at the core of leadership. None reveal the leadership secret.

William Booth, a missionary pastor, dedicated his life to helping people in need.  One
hundred years have passed since his death in 1912, but his remarkable legacy continues today
through the many good works of the Salvation Army, which he founded in 1878.

The story goes that on his deathbed, surrounded by family, frail and unable to speak,
Booth mustered up just enough strength to scribble one final message on a scrap piece of paper
before passing away moments later.  The message had only one simple word – “others.”  Is
there a greater legacy?  Is there a grander purpose?  Is there a better secret to leadership?

​Take Away: The greatest is the servant of all.