Keeping Positive

Confrontation is inevitable.  In fact, there is such a thing as Positive Confrontation.
The Bible admonishes, “As much as it depends on you be at peace with all people.”  That’s a
worthy goal.  But, how do we do it?   It may be more practical than you think.  Consider these
ten ground rules.

1. Focus on issues, not on personalities.  That means avoiding personal attacks.  2.
Separate your own opinion from the facts as you know them.  3. Acknowledge your hidden
agendas. We all have them.  4. Make sure you can restate the views of others before you debate
them.  5. Don’t interrupt when others are talking.  6. Don’t filibuster when it’s your turn to talk.
7. Check with all participants, especially the silent ones.  8. No hallway or parking lot
discussions.  Share in the proper meeting.  9. Wear all your hats during the discussion.  Look at
it from every perspective.  10. Don’t advertise the disagreement, but demonstrate full support
of the decision.

​Let’s keep it positive people!

Take Away: Negativity has never produced anything positive.

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