February 07th, 2018

I fear the church is shrinking in size and influence, and that means fewer opportunities
for children with challenges to get the assistance they need from the community best equipped
to help them.  I also believe there’s a direct link between a dying church and the loss of its
special purpose.

The church must be clearer with its message.  There’s no substitute for unapologetically
preaching the Word, confidently proclaiming the Gospel, and zealously participating in
evangelistic efforts.  None!  At the same time I’m equally convinced that the church has a
biblically mandated social responsibility that has meeting the needs of children (and by
extension, families) at the core.  To neglect that mission is to negate the message.

Somewhere along the line, the church abandoned its special call to love the unloved
child.  Local congregations have largely rejected their unique responsibility of serving the
abandoned child, the social orphan, the unwanted kid.  In doing so, its religion has become
defiled and its power in the world sorely diminished.

​Take Away: What good is salt if it has lost its flavor?

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