I am convinced that every church, civic group, or ministry, no matter its size or resources,
is enriched when it fulfills God's mission.  But more practically, when churches step out in faith
to care for those in need they grow spiritually and God blesses their obedience.  They move out
of the “Me Box” and become more mindful of others, to live sacrificially, laying down their

All this makes a church more meaningful to a community.  It also brings a sense of unity
and cooperation as members work together to meet the needs of children and families.  I’m not
sure who said it, or where I first heard it, but I’ve remembered it ever since: a healthy self-
interest is better than a flabby altruism.
I believe that a church looking out for its own self-interest by investing heavily into
ministry for children, is better than a church having a weak and ineffective concern for their
wellbeing based on some sense that it’s the right thing to do.

​Take Away: A healthy self-interest is better than a flabby altruism.

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