Epistemology is big fancy word that means the “study of knowledge.”  Epistemology
tries to answer the question, “how do we know what we know?”  There are two ancient ways of
knowing something: theology and philosophy, the queen and king of the sciences.  Despite their
longevity, many today consider them the backwaters of academia.

Academics prefer the relatively new kid on the block in terms of system for knowing
something, which is the scientific method.  Unlike theology that relays on revelation, sacred
texts, and spiritual experience, science is all about observation and measurement.  Unlike
philosophy that focuses on logic and reason, science is big into tests and repeatable outcomes.

I’m thankful for all three. Each one is valid in its place.  I don’t fly in airplanes built by
theologians, and I don’t want my gallbladder removed by a philosopher.  At the same time, I
don’t trust an engineer to build me a bridge to heaven, or a chemist to fix the sin problem that is
present in me.

​Take Away: There is more than one way of knowing something.

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