Complexity Paradox

Here is a principle that will take some thought to grasp, but will pay rich dividends to
those who get it. The simple is false and the complex is unusable, and by unusable, I mean –
unsustainable.  Some know it as the Complexity Paradox.

The tendency is to think of problems as simple, but the solutions as complex.  By making
problems too simple, we may miss finding the real solutions.  By making the solution too
complex, we may miss the opportunity to solve them.

The more complex the solution, the more opportunity for failure.  As automobiles have
gotten more complex, for example, there’s more opportunity for something to break down or not
work properly.  And, because they are more complex, it requires the so called expert, and
generally a lot more money to repair.  For an organization trying to build a program to address a
certain problem or meet a certain need, the more complex the program, the greater the possibility
something is not going to work right.

​Take Away: Keep it as simple as possible.

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