Wet Boards

Wet boards conduct electricity, but copper wires do it better. This principle describes the
value of effectiveness and efficiency.  The mission of a nonprofit or church requires time and
energy.  There’s simply no way around it.  Increasing effectiveness and efficiency maximizes the
most of those limited assets.

Some are tempted to think that effectiveness and efficiency are conflicting goals, that you
can’t capitalize both at the same time.  However, I believe that is a faulty paradigm that leads to
bad decisions.

Nonprofits want to be effective, and they need to be efficient.  Doing both ensures the
greater likelihood that resources will continue to come their way.  Effectiveness means doing the
right thing.  Efficiency means doing things right.  Using a board to conduct electricity, while
possible, is not the right thing to do, nor is it doing things right.  Get both of those things in
proper alignment, and the nonprofits expiration date gets pushed out.  The shelf life increases.
Death is held off for a little while longer.

​Take Away: Effectiveness + Efficiency = Power.

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