Our Assumptions

One Christmas morning we’d opened all the presents under the tree.  Everyone was taking inventory of the gifts they’d received, giving thanks to those who gave them.  But my wife, who keeps track of what every child receives, decided that one was missing.

​We were both convinced that the package was wrapped in blue paper with a red bow.  We searched each child’s stack of things.  We looked under the tree more than once.  We walked through the house looking for the missing present.  It wasn’t anywhere to be found.  Our kids pointed to a package remaining under the tree but we quickly dismissed it as the wrong color.

Finally our oldest insisted, “If it’s not that one, then who does it belong to?”  We opened it and found it was the lost present, hiding in plain sight.  How many times do we search for truth, pray for an answer, and it’s staring us in the face, because we’ve convinced ourselves it doesn’t look like our assumptions?

​Take Away
: The only safe assumption is the one you don’t make.

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