The entire universe is predicated upon the principle of sowing and reaping.  It’s a law that can be violated but never broken.  Even in business, or the nonprofit world, this code is alive and active.  Here are three other ways this law has been expressed.

​“What you win them with, is what you win them to.”  Think about it.  It makes sense.  If the outreach efforts of a church is focused on programs and entertainment, then they will gain members who don’t grow beyond that.  The plant is never something different than the seed that was sown.

Here’s another one. “You become what you celebrate.”  Another way to say it, “What gets rewarded gets done.”  Leaders must grasp that their organizations will rise only to the level of what is honored.  What is allowed is encouraged, and what is encouraged is what grows.
But here’s my favorite way to express it. “Commitment precedes resources.”  Plant the seed of commitment, and we will reap the harvest of resources.

Take Away:
We always reap the fruit of our labor.

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