I am often bewildered by how many nonprofit organizations and churches tend to promote their model or method of service, instead of their mission to service.  I recognize that it’s easy for organizations to become infatuated with a particular model, and lose the love for their mission.  That’s not only short-sighted, it’s deadly.

​To survive the inevitable disruptive forces of change, nonprofits and churches must switch their focus from their trendy models to their timeless mission.  Models become obsolete, and the effectiveness of any method decreases over time and under right circumstances, but the mission is always timeless and its scope is beyond any one kind of method.
Nonprofits and churches must focus their attention and resources on their cause, not their systems.  They must promote the needs of their clients first, and the needs of the organization second.  They should brand the cause for which the organization was started.  If they do this, nonprofits can stay relevant and even more so as times and taste change.

Take Away: Everything has a shelf life. 

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