Parents, teachers, coaches, employers, leaders of all kinds, this Straight Talk is for you.
What you allow, you encourage.  That is worth repeating: what you allow, you encourage.

​Leadership is about setting limits as much as it is about setting goals.  The word “no” is a
powerful tool.  Perhaps we should use it more often.  But, people don’t like to hear it, and so we
leaders don’t like to say it, because it makes us look mean.  The truth is, “no” may be the best
thing we can say.  Sometimes it is the best act of leadership we can execute.

We must appreciate the fact that leadership is not only producing vision but also about
providing limits, because leaders must guard the mission and protect the principles that define
the group.  Leaders, you must enforce the values and rules of your group.  It you don’t then you
are communicating by your inaction that your values are not really your values, and the rules not
really the rules.

Take Away: No one wins by never saying no.

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