Identity politics is causing a great deal of controversy and conflict these days.  Whether
it's gender, race, or culture, there is mounting pressure to side with some identity group and
demand our rights.  However, there’s a higher recognition that could unite us all.

At the very core of every human being is the need to be secure in their identity.  The
Bible says, before we were born, Christ knew us.  We are all His children, called with a specific
and special purpose.  For anyone today who has the opportunity to have influence in a child or
family struggling with issues of identity, it is imperative that we view them as one who bears the
fingerprints of God.

They are indeed unique in all of God’s creation.  They are loved.  Male or female, short
or tall, black, white, or brown, every person has a reason for being.  There’s a plan for their life,
and the key to knowing that plan is through discovering their distinct identity in Christ.

​Take Away: We are all precious in His sight.

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