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Many say that we’re in Last Times.  Seeing darkness abound and evil advancing, what
are we Christians to do?  Hear the words of Evangelist.

“When Pompeii was destroyed, there were very many buried in the ruins of it, who were
afterwards found in very different situations. There were some found who were in the streets as
if they had been attempting to make their escape. There were some found in deep vaults as if
they had gone there for security.  There were some found in lofty chambers: but where did they
find the Roman sentinel?  They found him standing at the city gate, with his hand still grasping
the war weapon, where he had been placed by his captain; and there, while the Heaven
threatened him; there, while the lava steamrolled, he had stood at his post; and there, after a
thousand years had passed away, was he found.  So let Christians stand to their duty, in the post
at which their Captain has placed them.”

Take Away: Serve where God has put you until you are relieved of duty.

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