The Unbelievable

The value of Christianity lies precisely in that it is not always rational, philosophical, or
external.  Its usefulness lies in the unforeseen, the miraculous, and the extraordinary.

​Christianity, as opposed to the philosophies of man, attracts reckless devotion because it
demands absolute faith.  The philosopher and the scientist aspire to explain away all mysteries,
to dissolve them into the light of human reason.  It is natural for the natural man to attempt to put
all things in a test tube so they can observed, explain, and control all things.  But Christianity on
the other hand, demands and passionately pursues the mysterious.  In fact, it is the unknown of
the supernatural, not the predictability of the natural, which constitutes the very essence of

The first verse of chapter eleven in the book of Hebrews explains it well,.. Christian faith
is the “substance of things hoped for, and the convictions of things not seen.”  In other words, the
value of Christian faith is that it believes the unbelievable.

Take Away: The value of faith is priceless.

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