In civilizations based on a Judeo-Christian ethic, children fare the best; far better than
their counterparts in other parts of the world.  Why?  Long ago these cultures discovered the
concept of childhood.

The idea of childhood is not universal.  Despite what others claim, childhood was not
invented by a capitalist society which could afford to carve out a special, privileged period of
time for their offspring.  Childhood was discovered in that sacred story of Jesus blessing the little
ones.  Throughout history, and even today in many parts of the world, children are treated as
small adults.  They are forced to work, consume, make war, and sin like adults.

In our own country, these destructive attitudes are rising as the church's influence
diminishes.  I firmly believe the fate of children is connected to the strength of the church.  The
strength of the church is bound to its conduct toward children.  For better or worse, they are
permanently fastened.  May we bless the children, and be blessed by them.

​Take Away: Suffer not the little children.

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