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The beautiful gospel story of the ten lepers being healed is a powerful lesson in gratitude.
Ten needy individuals were healed, but only one turned back to give thanks to the great
physician who healed him.  It should be noted though, that our Lord did not recall His gift from
the other nine because of their lack of gratitude. The gifts of God, the Bible says, are irrevocable.

​That does not mean we can be unappreciative with what is given or done for us. Not at
all!  The scripture admonishes us to “always give thanks in all things.”

The lesson of the nine ungrateful lepers continuing on with their blessings from God,
should teach us to be cautious about our own motivations.  When we begin to withhold our acts
of kindness and helpfulness, because we think those who receive do not properly appreciate what
is done for them, it’s time to question our own intentions.  We don’t serve to be thanked.  We
serve because we are thankful.

Take Away: Check your heart before you give, help, or serve another.

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