Be Stupid

Sometimes it’s just best to be stupid.  When dealing with a problem that you cannot
solve, the smartest thing you can do is to be dumb.

We all deal with new information by using a mental mechanism called Confirmation
Bias. That means people tend to listen, focus on, and remember that which confirms their beliefs,
and they tend to ignore and forget what does not.  We want new information to confirm what we
already think or believe, or else we face the internal conflict of being wrong.  None of us want to
be wrong.  The longer we have held a belief the more we use Confirmation Bias.

However, the greatest discoveries and inventions were made by individuals who were
willing to be completely stupid.  They turned off their selective thinking long enough to receive
new information which allowed them to think differently about a problem or need.  It was once
believed that man could never fly.  The Wright brothers were dumb enough to learn that we can.

​Take Away: Being smart can sometimes get in our way.

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