Universal Constant

More and more I am struck by an increasing awareness of the impermanence of  all
things.  It is a universal truth that I’m learning to embrace.  All things have a shelf-life.
Everything has an expiration date.  Things get old.  Things fall apart.  Things stop working.
Things die, or just become useless.  There is absolutely nothing that is not in the process of
perishing or changing.

​Inanimate things like fashion become dated.  Fads die out.  Even ideas can become old
and moldy.  Concepts and models lose their freshness and become stale.  Yet, we often carry on
as if nothing has changed, resistant to the inevitable march of time.  Despite the obvious, we
hang onto these things anyway, perhaps because we’re emotionally attached, or because we
mistakenly believe we can tweak this, or change that, and revive their newness.

Nonetheless, everything has a season.  The Bible tells us there is a time and purpose for
everything under the sun. Change, dear friend, is the one and only universal constant.

​Take Away: Change or die.  Those are the only two options.

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