Broken Hopes

Ever since I was a young boy I’ve enjoyed spending time in the woods. There’s a quiet, peaceful aspect of the forest I find refreshing.  It’s good for my spirit.  If we stop to ponder, we can find many life lessons among the trees.

What makes the trees grow?  What gives them the nourishment to survive and even thrive?  Look at the base of the woodland trees and you will find the answer.  It is dead branches and leaves that the tree itself has shed.  The things that have died in the tree is what gives it the power to live.  Seems like there’s something we can learn from that.

Usually, it’s the things in our life that have died, the areas of our life where we have suffered loss, the issues that God has pruned, that give us the greatest potential for growth and new life.  Trees are fertilized by their own decay, and so we too are improved by trial and refined by broken hopes.

​Take Away: Death to self produces abundant life.

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