Seems to me like everyone is trying so desperately these days to make a point.  Screaming, protesting, raising a fit to be heard, but they are missing the point.  There’s something more important than making a point.  It’s making a difference.

We should never try to make a point at the expense of making a difference.  We must remember the mission of Jesus was not to be right, although He was always right.  His mission was to be a sacrifice for sin, to love the lost back from their rebellion, to take the hate of the world and nail it to a cross.  Being a light to the world is not achieved by winning an argument, but by living a life of meaning and purpose.

Christ didn’t leave us here on earth to be right.  He left us here to make a difference.  He left us here to make disciples. Sometimes the right thing to do is to be wronged, and still love those who wronged us.

​Take Away: Winning arguments usually doesn’t win souls.

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