The World

For God so loved the world… He gave.  If I was a gambling man, I’d bet you know how that verse ends, and where it’s found in the Bible.  That famous scripture speaks of something so profound, that despite the fact we’ve heard it so often, we could be missing the point.

God loved the world.  The World?  God, loves the world?  Yes!  He does.  He loves the very thing that hates Him.  He loves that which hates us.  God loves the thing the Bible describes as corrupt, fallen, and evil.  In fact, God’s love for the world is so strong He gave the only possession He has only one of. Truly amazing!

Why do we, the whosoevers that believed in the precious gift of God, so often stand in judgement of that which God loves?  We too often condemn, shun, and disdain that which God loves with so much passion that He sacrificed His only Son.  Let all who love God, also love all He loves.

​Take Away: Let us who love God, also love what He loves.

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