Daily Awe

The daily whirlwind of our lives can cause us to mistake the human for the Divine.  I may decide to take an alternative route to work and not know the reason why.  However, I may unconsciously be obeying a divine suggestion.  There are dozens of choices made throughout the day that cause blessings we never know.

Many would call those things merely the result of circumstance, or happenstance.  I think that is a fool’s explanation. Certainly life is made of chance and coincidence.  Yet, it’s also made of divine providence and watch care over us.  I’d rather believe God’s angels are above us, or beside us.  I’d rather believe the Holy Spirit provides divine impulse when needed.

Some would call me superstitious, and my way of thinking just hopeful self-deception.  I call my perspective a faith driven veneration of the God who holds all things in the palm of His hand.  It’s a poor life that does not begin the day in awe, and end in worship.

​Take Away: It’s a poor life that does not begin the day in awe and end in worship.

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