Research is showing that trauma from abuse, and even from poverty itself, can actually change the way the brain works. We have learned, for example, that distressed children can form new “norms” in their thinking, which then in turn, determines a large part of their behavior.

At Patrick Henry Family Services, we view the children in our care from the perspective of, “what happened to this child?” instead of, “what’s wrong with this child?”  That does not absolve them of bad conduct.  It only provides us a reason behind it.  I believe it’s a more grace-filled approach to working with children, and adults for that matter, dealing with pattern-controlled behaviors.

Consider the contrast between a ministry based on legalism versus ones based on grace.  Legalism demands the individual stop being a perpetrator of sin.  Grace pleads with the person to stop being a casualty of sin.  Notice how each approach addresses the individual caught in those kinds of negative actions?  One gives condemnation. The other offers hope.

​Take Away:  Grace pleads.  Legalism demands.

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