Are you troubled about something today?  A troubled heart is caused by at least two common human temptations: anxiety and discouragement.   Anxiety is worry about what might or might not happen.  Discouragement is worry about what did or did not happen.

Left unchallenged, these twin troubles of the heart can be costly.  They can sap energy, steal away courage, interfere with compassion, and worst of all, they can destroy vision.  Sometimes the cure for a troubled heart requires tenderness, and sometimes it demands toughness.  Either way, anxiety and discouragement are not to be tolerated by those who believe in the sovereignty of God.  These enemies of personal peace must be fought.  They must be brought under the submission of faith.

​But let not your heart be troubled.  The Father has the future covered.  There is no place for anxiety. And, the Son has the past covered, so there is no value in discouragement.  Believe it wholeheartedly.  God is working.  Repeat that to yourself as often as necessary.
Take Away: Is it a sin to worry? Don’t worry about it.

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