Mission Chase

I have served churches and nonprofits for over thirty years.  When asked to give one piece of advice, it is this: Chase the mission.  Don’t chase the model, or the money.  Chase the mission.

​Many nonprofits tend to promote their model, or method of service, instead of their mission to service.  Organizations, and even churches, become easily attached to a particular model or method of doing things.  However, that is very short-sighted.  To survive the inevitable disruptive forces that come, nonprofits must keep their focus on their mission.  Models become obsolete, and methods change with time, but the mission is timeless and its scope is beyond any one particular method.

​Nonprofits and churches must concentrate their efforts and resources on their cause, not on the money.  They must promote the needs of their clients first, and the needs of their organization second.  They must promote the cause the organization.  If they do this, nonprofits can stay relevant and even more so, as the world around them changes.

Take Away: Chase the mission, and the money will foll

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