Let’s be honest for a moment.  To everyone else, we are what we pretend to be.  In public we are something other than what we really are in private.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, it’s our pretending that makes a polite and civil society possible.  No one has any desire to live in a world where everyone acted like they really felt, or said everything they thought.  There’s such a thing as being too real.  Sometimes pretending to be nice is the nicest thing we can do.

But sometimes pretending is neither good for us or society.  Social media has now made pretending a sport.  Presenting a false persona is certainly easier in these days of electronic communication.  Unfortunately, the World Wide Web has ushered in an era of lies, deception, and false identities.

​Let me give a warning to those who misuse social media in this way:  Illusion can exist for only a period of time, for reality always outplays in the end.

Take Away: Reality shows.

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