No Excuses

Mark Simpson was born in India with deformed legs, to parents he never knew.  He was left on the steps of one of Mother Teresa’s orphanages. At age two he was adopted by an American couple who loved him unconditionally as he worked through many emotional and rebellious issues.  After years of pain he was told by doctors, “You can live your life with pain, or have your legs amputated and live a better life?”  He choose amputation, and in his own words, “Life has never been the same since”

Our youth listened intently as Mark shared his positive approach to life: No Legs. No Limits. No Excuses. “When you stop saying I can’t, you can.  If you turn your cant’s into cans, you get to see what God can do!”

​As the evening came to a close, I overheard one of our youth say, “I need an attitude adjustment. if he can do so much with no legs, I certainly can if I stop making excuses.”

Take Away:  There are reasons, but never excuses.

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