Jesus Works

Healing is a lot like peeling back the multiple layers of a stinky onion.  It’s not a one and done proposition.  It’s a process more than an event.  The top layers are fairly easy to remove, but as you get closer to the center, the more onerous it is to do without shedding some tears.

Now imagine peeling away those many layers required distinct methods of removal for each one.  I believe personal healing is like that.  Although He could, God doesn’t do it just once, and He rarely does it the same way twice.  At least He hasn’t with me.

​Consider how many different methods Jesus used to heal the blind in the gospels.  Sometimes He touched those He healed.  Sometimes He just spoke and declared their healing.  Sometimes He required action, like washing in a river, and other times nothing was required at all.  Sometimes those who received healing initiated the interaction with Jesus, other times it was Jesus that acted on His own initiative.

Take Away: It’s not the method, it is the man – Jesus – who works.

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