153 Million

The technical definition of orphan consists of a minor who has lost both parents by death, disappearance, or desertion – the three “D’s”.  This traditional understanding of the term accounts for about 18 million children worldwide.  The lion’s share of these unfortunates children live in third-world countries where there are few birth control options, little government assistance, and high death rates due to violence, disease, and starvation.  These parents typically don’t choose that fate for their children, but it’s outside of their control.

​If the definition of “orphan” is expanded to include the loss of one parent under the same “D” factors, as does UNICEF, the number dramatically jumps to an astonishing 153 million.  If you put all of them together in one place, they would make up the ninth largest country in the world, just ahead of  Russia, Mexico, and Japan in population.  Am I the one only shocked by this?  Well, that is just the tip of the iceberg, because we still haven’t counted them all.

Take Away: A country of orphans would make up the 9th largest nation.

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