Nothing to Blame

I offer up this prayer of confession today as a corporate offering to our God and King.

Dear Lord, we come before you this day, the day which you have made.  As your children, we praise you Father, God of all creations, and Giver of Life.  You have made us, saved us, and called us to be your people and to serve in your Kingdom’s work.  We confess that we too often have forgotten that we belong to you.  Help us kind Father, to live our lives as if we were actually in charge of them.  Forgive us for blaming everyone and everything for our sins and failures.  We have nothing to blame but ourselves.

​Too many times we aren’t good witnesses to your love, and we don’t always do our part to engage the world.  We’re deeply sorry.  Please forgive us.  Change our hearts dear God so that we might live for you.  Grant us courage and strength to live our faith and serve this world.

Take Away: We have nothing to blame but ourselves.

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