Anti-Family Spirit

As the antiChrist spirit grows and prospers in our culture, so does the anti-family spirit. The two are forever linked, and that makes perfect sense.  If we take a moment to think like our ancient enemy we would see just how clever and smart that strategy is.

Think about it.  Most believers come to Christ as children.  So, if you wanted to stop Christianity from growing you would have to stop children from becoming Christians.  And, if you wanted to stop children from becoming Christians what would you have to do?  You would have to go after the family.

​Children live and find life direction in the context of family.  Their sense of self, their emotional wellbeing, and their moral development, happens in the family environment.  Education certainly plays a role, and the devil is working overtime to get control of the schools, but he knows that if he can destroy the family, he not only weakens society, he also weakens Christianity, and that’s his evil mission.

Take Away: Weaken the family and you weaken society.

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