The Editor of our Orator magazine, is writing a story about this summer’s beach trip.  She shared with me recently that many of the youth in our care come to us having never been to the beach, and some have no idea what a vacation is about.  It’s not just that they may never have been that’s troubling, but their lives of turmoil, stress, and financial pressure leave no opportunity to unwind and simply enjoy an away place.

​She shares that participating in the annual beach trip and other outings demonstrate features that are most often part of American family life.  Participating in these adventures give our youth the opportunity to experience genuine family-like fun, thereby gleaning a vision to create such for their own families one day.

​I would like to give a special shout out to our houseparents and other dedicated staff who bravely undertake a vacation with up to a couple dozen youth who are not their blood kin, but nonetheless their heart’s kin.

​Take Away: Even kids need a vacation sometimes.

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