Becomes the Way

In a world that’s relentlessly evolving, anything that is “frozen” soon becomes irrelevant.  Leaders of today’s organizations must learn to become comfortable with the permanent slush of change.  To stop moving forward, can quickly put modern organizations behind the times and thus in danger of becoming insignificant.  Even pausing momentarily can be hazardous.

Marcus Aurelius, the last of the so-called Five Good Roman Emperors, understood this truth way back in his time.  He said,”What stands in the way eventually becomes the way.”  His wise leadership of constant adaptation to changing realities, made Rome a great power under his reign.

​For those of us who head business, nonprofits, and churches, we must always stay on the move, because it’s always harder to hit a moving target than one sitting still.  We must either be leading growth, expansion, improvement, or change.  If not, we’re not doing our jobs.  The mantra for today’s leaders is no longer about doing more with less. It’s now about doing different with less.

Take Away: Death is the only thing that stops change.

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