Enough Already

There’s big money in social problems and “helping” troubled and needy children is one of the most lucrative.  Endless government subsidies have had the unintended consequence of creating a massive child-welfare-industrial-complex.  Just like the stock market, those making money from the varied problems of children have to keep a close eye on the pendulum of politics to see where the money is flowing.

Many who serve vulnerable children are readily chasing after the money instead of after their mission.  They’re twisting their programs in all sorts of ways in order to fit the criteria for the next government subsidy.

​Raising children isn’t easy.  But, it isn’t hard either.  Raising children is not that complicated.  Yet we’ve been sold a bill of goods in this country.  We’ve been convinced that meeting the needs of children is so complex that it should be left up to the experts and professionals, to the government authorities, and to progressive educators who see children as a means to an end.  Enough already!

Take Away:  It doesn’t require lots of money or experts to raise children.

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