False Idols

Before becoming CEO of Patrick Henry Family Services, I was a pastor.  I’ve had the honor, and quite frankly the challenge, of shepherding five small congregations in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alaska.  Pastoring was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I respect those who do it, and am amazed by those who do it well for so long.

​My favorite part was preaching from the Bible.  Sharing the Word was a joy.  These days I get invitations from churches to tell my story, or present the work of our ministry.  Sometimes I get to preach.

I believe biblical preaching is essentially the sacred act of tearing down idols.  The first commandment forbids any other gods in our lives.  All scripture is about destroying the things that come between God and His creation: selfish ambitions, materialism, carnal passions, and empty human philosophies, to name a few. Professional Sports, Hollywood, and Party Politics, to name some more. Only God’s Word can demolish the false gods in our hearts and homes.

Take Away: All of biblical preaching is the tearing down of idols.

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