Telephone Devices

This summer our youth participated in a six-week course designed to fortify skills in reading and writing.  Students produced an eleven page newspaper as practice. In the Editorials section, one young man wrote.

“People are using (telephone) devices in the world way too much!  I think there should be a limit when using these devices. Since using a phone for more than two hours a day can hurt your eyes, it’s a problem.  It’s also an issue because people use smartphones at the dinner table and use them while in conversations.  Because the world is becoming very socially dysfunctional, most don’t have any real conversations due to the new technological phones being produced.  My solution is ending this craze by either destroying all the smart phones or having them built with a timer each day so only a certain amount of time is possible for their use.  Any beneficial solution to this problem can make an impact on the world!”

​Quite interesting perspective from a young person.

Take Away:  Young people are addicted to their cell phones, and many understand it is a problem.

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