Facebook Grieving

There’s so many tragedies happening, with such rapid succession, and the news cycle turns over so quickly, that we move from one crisis to the other, sometimes without having time to properly grieve, let alone do anything to fix the problem.

I encourage you to watch your Facebook the next time a big tragedy occurs. You will see the full spectrum of grief played out in just a matter of a couple of days: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

​Normally, if someone receives bad news, they will go through all five of those stages.  How quickly, or slowly, they do it is often dictated by the amount of time they have.  You can imagine it usually takes quite some time to work through each and every stage.  What we’re seeing these days on social media however, is the collective grieving process of an entire cyber community.  And, because we now have such short news cycle, the processing period gets shorter and shorter with each horrible event.

Take Away: Social Media is affecting the way we grief and the amount of time we have to do it.

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