Garden Power

In the beginning, when there were only boys in our homes, gardening was essential.  As quoted in the Patrick Henry history book, “The garden continued to grow and play an important part in the training program for the boys and provide fresh vegetables for the meals.  Sufficient potatoes were raised to supply the dining room needs for the entire year.”

When I first arrived at Patrick Henry there was an abandoned pool behind the cottages.  Facility Management eyed the situation and decided it would make a perfect garden plot, especially since it was fenced.  As soon as it was filled our youth went right to work in the dirt.  Now, our campus enjoys fresh corn, onions, eggplants, green beans, tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers.

​Gardening requires self-discipline because no matter how hot or sticky it gets, or when weeds need pulling, and produce must be dug or picked, the jobs have to be done.  Successful gardening produces a sense of accomplishment, which produces self-worth in a wholesome way.

Take Away: Nothing teaches responsibility like raising your own food.

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