Christian Men

Want to know the most effective way to reduce the high rates of domestic violence and child abuse?  Change the hearts of men. It really is as simple as that.

Christianity turns men’s hearts and minds toward the family.  We in the church have always believed that intuitively, and can express it anecdotally.  However, research is now proving what we have believed. Christian men tend to be better husbands and fathers.  Led by the Holy Spirit, men become more emotionally engaged with their wives and children. They are more helpful around the house, are better companions to their wives, and have a more romantic side.  Men who are followers of Jesus are also more attentive to their children, they read more to them, and give them more hugs and praise.

Feminist and other secularists often express their concern about the traditionalistic character of Christianity, but they miss, or they simply ignore, the familistic side of faith that encourages men to put their families, marriages, and kids, first.

Take Away: Jesus makes men better husbands and fathers.

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