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Here’s some good news.  I’m sure we could all use some these days.  After rising rapidly throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, divorce rates have leveled off, and in some instances even declined.  In light of the damage it does to children particularly, this is much welcomed news.

Now for the bad news.  There is, unfortunately, a downside.  Divorce rates have leveled off at about 50%, in large part, because fewer young people are getting married in the first place.  This generation is avoiding the institution of marriage because at least half of them saw it fail their parents. They were the victims of broken marriages.  They saw the hurt first hand.  Why would they wish that on themselves, or their children?

Of course, the alternative they’re choosing won’t make their love relationships any better, or them any happier. In fact, their children will likely be hurt even more.  We must do a better job of demonstrating the benefits of marriage, and providing the tools for success.

Take Away: One consequence of high divorce rates is low marriage rates.

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