He Sat Down

I recently attended my youngest daughter’s college graduation ceremony.  There was the usual trappings of graduation: proud families, relieved faculty, anxious administrators, award winners, and guest speakers.  I heard the typical speeches, challenging this year’s group of newly minted job seekers to “go out there and change the world.”  Some were better than others.  Yet, all possessed the same quality – the need to be important.  There were those who reminded us of their accomplishments.  Others tried to impress with profound remarks or the length of their speech.

There was one presenter, though, who knocked it out of the park.  The young man received the annual award for leadership.  He was selected for demonstrating outstanding leadership in his class.  It was the highest award was given, which I thought was smart of the college to give. It was easily seen why he was chosen. He simply said, “Good. Better. Best. Do not rest until your good is better, and your better is best.”  Then he simply sat down.

Take Away: Sometimes the best leadership is to shut up and sit down.

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