No Argument There

There’s so many people working hard every day to make the world a better place. Thank the Lord for that.  There even more people who talk, write, and argue about how to make it better.  There’s no shortage of debate, and ugly arguments on the subject.  In fact, I find it a bit ironic that all the loud discussion and divisive dialogue seems to be making the world a worse place to live; it’s hurting not helping.  Thank the devil for that.

I work in a helping profession.  It’s a great joy, and I’m passionate about what I do. However, at the end of the day I realize I may not be helping at all.  I recognize my efforts may be in vain.  It’s easy to get discouraged sometimes.

It’s at those times I remember what someone once told me; “the only way to better the world is to improve yourself.” Wow!  That part I can do. That’s something I can control, and there’s no argument there.

Take Away: The only way to better the world is to improve yourself.

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